Thursday, 21 July 2011

Hohum the Hohum

I've been busy producing several images for Tom Masters 'Hohum the Hohum' a fantastic (and quite dark) children's story starring the Hohum character. I highly reccomend you check it out, the first story is online at his website. 

I'm still busy working on more character designs and images for the series, really want to give this project my best!

More Napkins

I seem to be 'sort-of' coping with post university blues by setting myself plenty of mini projects, such as attempting to fill up every pad I own and draw on every last paper napkin I've shamelessly stolen from the art house cafe in Southampton.
Drawing on paper napkins just feels... unusual/different. You can get plenty of different effects depending on how absorbant the napkin itself is. Looking at all these drawings I've made kinda reminds me of Richards Scarrys busy town for some reason.... 

I still prefer to colour in on napkins it seems. Still got plenty more left to draw on. Sorry Art House!