Saturday, 26 April 2014


I've been making more Bear comics, I really wanted to try making one page stories that are humorous from the drawings themselves and not by using any written dialogue.

 Heres a few panels from more short stories I'm currently working on:

I really feel theres a lot of potential in this character.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Black & White Drawings

I completely forgot I had these drawings- I really love drawing in black & white.

Another one of my planned current projects is to make a black & white comic based a little on the old max fleischer cartoons and Noggin the Nog. I've wanted to make up a story about a pig knight for a pretty long time now. 

The Crocodile Pirate

I have been developing some new characters besides the bear lately, at the moment I'm making a short four page comic about a crocodile pirate which I hope comic publishers will be interested in! Heres the rough first page:

I'd prefer to use as few words as I can and make the drawings and facial expressions as funny as possible. 

Heres a couple of loose sketches: