Monday, 23 January 2012

Current Success

Just trying to take some photos of some of my awards and recent small time successes. I was hoping that I could also include some of these pictures on my main website:

I'm glad that I still get plenty of Support from Jonny Hannah and I got featured in one of the pages of this brochure advertising our course.  He was even quite happy enough to allow me to come around the new Solent Studios and let me know whenever there were any interesting guest lecturers coming in from time to time.

Also found two drawings I thought I had lost were stuck up in his office space!

Jonny also chose some of my drawings to make this poster representing our course again. I think they turned out really well. The drawings themselves are actually very small A6 pen drawings from one of my old sketchpads. 

Jonny even gave me quite a few posters to keep which  was very decent of him.

An Award that myself and a few other students from my course  recieved on our graduation day.

And finally, I want to include the Design week magazine.  Last year, Colin McHenry selected one of my pictures with a few other students to be printed in one of the issues. 

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Hohum Logo Prototype

Made another drawing for Hohum the Hohum... I was trying to work out some sort of logo for it, I think Tom may, or may not rename the series as 'Hohum & Friends' Since there are more characters in the hohum universe than Hohum himself- but I kinda liked the slight 'weirdness' of the original title:

Got a bit inspired by the Andrew Lang Fairytale Books. I'm not sure if I'm completely happy with my design but I've sent it off to Tom- I'll continue working on my other much Larger Hohum Image.

Don't forget to check out The Hohum Story and Toms websites at:

Sunday, 15 January 2012

2012 Projects

Realised I haven't updated my blog for a while- not that I haven't been drawing (though I realised I've just finished quite a lot of videogames lately.) I'm still keeping myself busy by working on at least three projects.

I kinda realised the importance of keeping my blog updated again recently- I've had quite a few people look at it and appreciate the fact that I draw quite a lot (I've made sure to do some at least a drawing every day so far.) But unfortunately, my drawing takes some time to finish. For my first post of 2012, I thought I'd show my current ongoing projects:


I'm still working on images for Tom Masters Hohum the Hohum and I'm currently working on at least three ideas which are are all half completed. Just posting this drawing because I drew it for someone else and my dad thought it was another character that belonged in the Hohum universe- I think even Tom seemed interested in it too so who knows?
Please visit Toms website via:

The Boy who stole the stars:

Instead of keeping the idea in my head, I've finally managed to go ahead with my own idea of a story concept- progress on the book goes slowly since I'm being a bit of a pefectionist and spending quite a long time on just one image- I have 28 pages of rough drawings as to what I want this story to be like- I haven't quite decided if I want to include words in my story yet- maybe it could simply be a book where the images speak for themselves.

The Little Monster book: 

I've had another idea for a book for quite a long time now- I want to make a little book simply about monsters.I suppose that isn't the most original idea for a book but its a little bit of a collaboration between me and my friend Jessica- I just really liked the idea of a girl character fighting monsters. Jessica made the books for me (the larger one is slightly better bound the smaller one) But I'm using the smaller one to draw in my images- Its a nice side project that I normally work on whenever I'm out in the cafe.

Unfortunately, the book folds out like one big concertina during its last pages. This isn't actually a bad thing at all- It finally gives me a chance to try my idea of making 'one long continous drawing' something like this image below:

You can check out Jessicas Website via: