Thursday, 10 January 2013

2013 is starting

I'll be returning back to my studies soon- I've haven't really done a great deal in 2013 so far but its been nice just doing nothing for a little bit.( I did get a little bit frustrated on doing some of my essays last semester so I'm glad its over)
There's a few things I want to achieve this year- I want to concentrate on trying to enter my bear idea into the Macmillan's book prize like my tutors suggested....

This is a rough of how I 'sort of' want it to look like. Still not very confident on colours and I'm hoping I can improve upon my way of drawing this year.I think one of the problems I have with using too many patterns is that some of the characters just sort of merge in with the environment- I think this can problem can be solved if I just learn to re-arrange it slightly. I was pretty amazed that David Hughes liked my work and felt I was kinda humorous, cynical, and had something pleasingly 'boyish' in my drawings which apparently- is not so commonplace lately- Really amazing guy who pretty much tells it like it is. I'm also a mix of Robert Crumb & Hannah Barbara apparently.

I'm also thinking about how to tackle my diploma project. I think its sounds pretty exciting working on your own idea and I've been doodling a couple of ideas for characters....  I'll make a much more serious start on the project next week I think.