Monday, 26 March 2012

The 'I Can't Sleep' Book

I'm trying to complete my book ideas but I guess I'm still being overly critical about them. I thought I'd post a few pictures and rough doodles I had for one of my projects 'I can't sleep' I was actually hoping I could produce something a little more complete this year and try forwarding them to a few of my book publisher contacts for some feedback.

First attempts at making this book was creating a character who can't sleep and dances about in bed, it was part of my final major project at Solent (which also helped me earn my first class honours). This then turned into a visit to a surreal dreamscape world- sort of a nod to one of my favourite comics, Little nemo in Slumberland.

But I realised I was spending too long on making just one page- the whole process started to feel like it was more of a chore to complete. So after flicking through some Mr Men books in some rest stop on the motorway, I wondered if I could make something a little simplier and maybe draw the images in my little square sketchpad instead of my larger one. Hopefully my original doodles for my dreamscapes won't go to waste either, I've starting putting them into my Marie Vendawn Project which I'll hopefully have a few more updates to show soon.

Instead of being dragged into a fantasy landscape, perhaps 'I can't Sleep' really could really be about not sleeping. I guess this is based on my own experiences of not being able to sleep.

for example:

getting a glass of water

'Ever wonder if there was a figure in the dark waiting to get you? I remember thinking that a lot whenever I walked across the landing at night when I was little'  
'Or maybe just drawing pictures until you were bored.'  

'or turning on the tv late at night and watching the scary movies' 

Monday, 19 March 2012


Still busy drawing at the moment but I wanted to make a quick update on this book I bought about a week ago:

I keep getting quite a few comparisons to Noggin the Nog. I remember waking up very early on a saturday morning (which sadly doesn't happen these days.) and would lie in bed watching Noggin just because Ivor The Engine was normally on next. Just thought I'd post a few scans to show you what influences me...

I think Noggin must have had at least some kind of of definite impact on the way I draw.

Saturday, 10 March 2012


My work alongside a few of my other fellow students has been published in a book, its availible for pre-order on Amazon- I'm very excited!

I...don't think I'm getting paid for this. But still, its really exciting!

If you were interested, you can purchase a copy of the book at:

Saturday, 3 March 2012

1970s Laptop

I'm still drawing quite a lot lately and I thought I'd upload a few doodles on my blog (most of these doodles eventually became part of my Southampton Commission or my Marie Vendawn Project.) I made all these in a notepad bought by my sister -I can't quite work out if she was annoyed or not that I've been using to draw inside it instead of taking notes (either way though, I am grateful.)