Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Sea City Commission

I thought I should also briefly mention my Commission from the Southampton Sea City Museum. The Project itself is almost over now and I'm pretty much done, its been frustrating but ultimately quite fun working towards a deadline and I'm a little sad that it will soon be over.

I haven't uploaded any images for the project just yet, but it will be used (for now) as part of an activity pack for the younger audience. You can check out the website at:

I'm really hoping it will be a success...

The Little Book of Marie Vendawn

I haven't posted on my blog for a while- Not that I haven't been drawing, but I've been so busy dedicating my drawing time specifically to my Commission I got at the start of this month, thought I'd just post some drawings I've been working on:

Sometime ago when I had just started my Solent university Illustration course, I really wanted make a book of monsters. The inital idea started out as little knight who became lost in a cave and discovered the drawings he drew on the walls would come to life- for his first companion he drew himself a hand, who would literally 'give him a helping hand' but since the knight was quite bad at drawing, it looked more like a foot instead (so it becomes a foot, who wants to give you a hand.) by making up his own army, he would eventually lead the monsters deeper into the cave to rescue the beautiful 'Princess Misery'

When I wrote out a few drafts of my own little stories and presented them to our guest creative writing tutor. I was disappointed it wasn't quite as well recieved as some of the other ideas I showed off and kinda left the idea behind. I started thinking about the idea again when I met up with Jessica one day who briefly told me of her idea:  'Marie Vendawn' I can't quite remember all the little details behind the character nor did she show me any drawings for it but what really stuck out in my mind was the idea of a girl character in a 'fantasy type setting'

Marie Vendawn:

Princess Tough: 

Not the sort of girl to sit back and allow herself to be kidnappd, Princess Tough is a kidnapped princess who is already fighting the hoardes of demons and monsters to make her own escape. Why rely on some pouncey man in silver coming to save her?

What is, Fantastic Palace?

I always liked the idea of a story essentially taking place in one location, Marie Vendawns mission is to fight all the monsters that live in Fantastic Palace, a palace built entirely of out demon heads. Its partly based on some of Jessicas New Zealand photos- I kinda wish I could go somewhere too.... These are some of the drawings I've made so far:

There seems to be a lot of Llamas around here....

I work on and off with this project, it would be quite satisfying to see this entire  little book filled with drawings like this however.

Some Early monster concepts

Marie Vendawn looks for the dragon who lives somewhere along the river.

Marie Vendawn Ponders her next move at the lighthouse.