Thursday, 22 December 2011

Some Recent Photos

Thought I would add this photo of me- Its taken from The 2011 Highlights of Solent Album and unfortunately, I can't remember the girls name who took my photo.  A few of us from my class were fortunate enough to be chosen to display some of our works in  the square cafe in Southampton and put them up for sale. I would have liked to have tried selling other drawings of mine I felt were better but my tutors seemed to be think very highly of my drawings in my A6 pocket sketchpad- this drawing was blown up to a bigger size and had a very simple colour background put behind it. If your ever in Southampton- I believe its still there if you wanted to check it out and I was even lucky enough to have two prints on display. 

My Tutor Jonny Hannah made some nice posters that used two of my small drawings  to advertise the Solent Illustration course. I 'm not sure if he chose this design as the final outcome but I'm hoping I can grab a few posters off him when I meet up with him again hopefully sometime next year. Jonny seems to be highly respected in the world of Illustration and I'm very grateful for all his support- it would be really nice to have one these for myself and show people  my small collaboration with him. 

Saturday, 17 December 2011


Finally listened to Dereks advice and tried drawing a girl. Everyone seems to really like this drawing when  I actually didn't really consider it to be that great. Interesting how that always happens- I didn't think much of the Blue Hippo sequence I made yet it also seems to be quite successful. 
Just got me thinking about the drawings I don't feel are my best  are the ones that are liked the most.  This one seemed to be well liked by most of the staff at Walker Books and I didn't think it was my best at all- maybe I should try drawing something similiar to this again- I made it using a messy dip pen. ( I should also point out it was my dad who thought I should show this one to Walkers.)

Tom seemed okay with me using the images I've made for Hohum so I thought I'd just upload  another one  I made fairly recently. Please check out his site:

Thursday, 15 December 2011


Things are still feeling a little slow lately but I've managed to keep drawing- I ended up finishing another one of my 50 page Sketch pads I bought from WhSmith. I think this will be the last A6 pad I'll buy from there, I've found some other pads with much nicer paper quality.

Another A6 drawing- I've still not given up on the idea of  a 'dinosaur  themed' project I have with a good friend of mine- hopefully something more complete will come of it soon. 
I'm also still drawing on napkins I've taken from cafes but I've become a little more obsessed in trying to fill up my pads at the moment.
I also started working in my unique 'square' shaped sketchpad,  a square shaped sketch pad just seemed to feel a bit different and unique to me.
This drawing is a character for my book idea. Its still in its very early stages and  as of yet, I only have one finished  page,  with a bunch of doodles and roughs as to how I want it to look like. I have no idea if it will ever be completed- I'm being highly critical of it and drawing the final outcomes normally take quite a long time to finish.

This drawing was a sort of commission for a friend who was after a  logo for  a catering company- which unfortunately  is still up in the air. They were at least pleased with it, and I suppose it did get me a little more recognition with a few people which is always a good thing, (its also another drawing from my Square shaped sketchpad.)