Saturday, 17 December 2011


Finally listened to Dereks advice and tried drawing a girl. Everyone seems to really like this drawing when  I actually didn't really consider it to be that great. Interesting how that always happens- I didn't think much of the Blue Hippo sequence I made yet it also seems to be quite successful. 
Just got me thinking about the drawings I don't feel are my best  are the ones that are liked the most.  This one seemed to be well liked by most of the staff at Walker Books and I didn't think it was my best at all- maybe I should try drawing something similiar to this again- I made it using a messy dip pen. ( I should also point out it was my dad who thought I should show this one to Walkers.)

Tom seemed okay with me using the images I've made for Hohum so I thought I'd just upload  another one  I made fairly recently. Please check out his site:

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