Thursday, 15 December 2011


Things are still feeling a little slow lately but I've managed to keep drawing- I ended up finishing another one of my 50 page Sketch pads I bought from WhSmith. I think this will be the last A6 pad I'll buy from there, I've found some other pads with much nicer paper quality.

Another A6 drawing- I've still not given up on the idea of  a 'dinosaur  themed' project I have with a good friend of mine- hopefully something more complete will come of it soon. 
I'm also still drawing on napkins I've taken from cafes but I've become a little more obsessed in trying to fill up my pads at the moment.
I also started working in my unique 'square' shaped sketchpad,  a square shaped sketch pad just seemed to feel a bit different and unique to me.
This drawing is a character for my book idea. Its still in its very early stages and  as of yet, I only have one finished  page,  with a bunch of doodles and roughs as to how I want it to look like. I have no idea if it will ever be completed- I'm being highly critical of it and drawing the final outcomes normally take quite a long time to finish.

This drawing was a sort of commission for a friend who was after a  logo for  a catering company- which unfortunately  is still up in the air. They were at least pleased with it, and I suppose it did get me a little more recognition with a few people which is always a good thing, (its also another drawing from my Square shaped sketchpad.)

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