Thursday, 22 December 2011

Some Recent Photos

Thought I would add this photo of me- Its taken from The 2011 Highlights of Solent Album and unfortunately, I can't remember the girls name who took my photo.  A few of us from my class were fortunate enough to be chosen to display some of our works in  the square cafe in Southampton and put them up for sale. I would have liked to have tried selling other drawings of mine I felt were better but my tutors seemed to be think very highly of my drawings in my A6 pocket sketchpad- this drawing was blown up to a bigger size and had a very simple colour background put behind it. If your ever in Southampton- I believe its still there if you wanted to check it out and I was even lucky enough to have two prints on display. 

My Tutor Jonny Hannah made some nice posters that used two of my small drawings  to advertise the Solent Illustration course. I 'm not sure if he chose this design as the final outcome but I'm hoping I can grab a few posters off him when I meet up with him again hopefully sometime next year. Jonny seems to be highly respected in the world of Illustration and I'm very grateful for all his support- it would be really nice to have one these for myself and show people  my small collaboration with him. 

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