Thursday, 22 November 2012


Recently, I think I have learnt about some very important strengths of my own, and its not just the ability to make nice looking detailed images either. My work has a pretty good sense of humor (my rough dummy book managed to make my tutor laugh.)
I can come up with great ideas and appealing characters which for me, is almost a daily occurence and recently I've been told I make some great compositions/layout for an image. The one major frustration though is that I can come up with so many ideas, yet it takes so long for me to finish one image, so at the moment I've been playing around with Polychromo pencils:

They have been fun to use, and drawing something in pencils is a lot quicker.I've also tried mixing them up a little bit with copic markers which seems to turn out well. I kinda hope these drawings still look like 'me'

Friday, 9 November 2012

Exciting Ma childrens book course

I've been pretty wrapped up in my sequential image project this week- things at Cambridge have felt very exciting, especially after proposing my sequential ideas. Though I'm finally drawing random doodles from my imagination again I did want to at least try and learn something from my observational drawings by making future work not as stiff or static. (though strangely enough, I've been told that my traditional drawing method is working for my current project.)

Looking back on it, It feels a bit surreal that I've been taught and had lectures by many prestigious illustrators such as James Mayhew, Salvatore Rubbino, Anthony Browne and Alexis Deacon to name a few- it was also great to attend a book launch by some of the stars of our illustration course!

I'm not sure who took this photo. Possibly Martin as he was complaining I was too tall for the photo. This picture has been shared on Marta Altes and Jenni Desmonds facebook pages and I just wanted to share.

Out of the three books there,  I really wanted to get Marta Altes's new book 'My Grandpa' Which I think even my professor Martin felt could be a possible 'classic' and in a way, I think I can understand why. I wondered if one day, I too could make a book everybody knows and loves.