Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Dizzy game

I've been told a couple of times how people think my style of drawing would lend itself well to a game, something similiar to the online downloadable releases on the newer consoles such as Braid.

To me, videogames are still inspiring. Honestly, I remember wanting to make videogames much more badly than wanting to draw for a career- (though I don't have a clue or any interest in programming.) and I did used to draw out tons of my own level designs and instruction booklets on how to play my imaginary games. I'm not uploading any of those of course- its embarassing.

Just ended up sitting in costas daydreaming about how I wanted to make my own 'Dizzy' videogame.

I still remember getting my dad to buy this for me on my Atari ST from Whsmiths in Staines. What I liked so much about videogames is the often absurd logic behind them and that the concept behind a lot of videogames could be about anything. Such as the main character being an egg- or uprooting a vegetable from the ground only to discover its a rocket that takes you to some distant castle in the sky.
Or just playing as a monkey who avoids landing into the lava pits below by jumping on top of crocodile heads who don't seem particularily bothered by lava at all.
Theres something a little bit more quirky and charming about the british made videogames (two of which are pictured above.) which seems to have been lost in todays games- at least for me. With that in mind, I just made a bunch of doodles for what I wanted to be in my game.

I've also found a pack of blank envelopes I found while clearing out my cupboard. Seems like a nice idea to draw on one and send it to someone.
also, I've been meaning to find a reason to post this. I recieved some great cards  for my birthday last month and some nice congratulation cards for my First award from finishing University- but I think this is the nicest one I've been given so far. Its all hand made from a friend of mine in indonesia- Its hard to throw away a nice hand made card like this (which is why I think I'll keep it.
Thank you!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Mini Projects

Have been feeling a frustrating mood of wanting to draw, but not really feeling like doing so lately. When I'm not whinging about it to my parents though (sorry), I have managed to keep going with my mini-projects which are almost done.
I've almost drawn on every paper napkin I've stolen from the Art House cafe in Southampton. It makes quite an impact if you bunch all the drawings together but heres the few I've been trying to work on lately.
Second mini project- Finish 50 small drawings like this. So far I'm up to 41. Thought I'd try another pose of the dancing boy character, only try adding colour to it this time.

I also drew something for my dads birthday.

And after drawing on napkins, I finally wondered if I could draw on  a canvas. Bought some really small canvas (smaller than a6 size) to see if I could perhaps give it a try. Not sure what to think of this just yet though- this is actually my second canvas attempt which turned out a little better than the first.

BuBu the General

I have been sorting out my books the last few weeks and deciding if there was anything not really worth keeping anymore: Forgot about this book I bought in Prague, I bought it in some junk/antique shop along with a much nicer fold out concertina book. 

Such a weird little drawing. I don't think its been released in english. I  did find that Otfried Preussler seems to be a german childrens book writer. I think.
Don't know why but I found these a little bit inspiring. I can't understand the story but  I did find I wanted to work some more on my hohum commision project a little more after seeing some of this.

Just feels like theres something a bit tacky and unusual about them.

I hope that theres something a little bit unusual about my own drawings.