Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Dizzy game

I've been told a couple of times how people think my style of drawing would lend itself well to a game, something similiar to the online downloadable releases on the newer consoles such as Braid.

To me, videogames are still inspiring. Honestly, I remember wanting to make videogames much more badly than wanting to draw for a career- (though I don't have a clue or any interest in programming.) and I did used to draw out tons of my own level designs and instruction booklets on how to play my imaginary games. I'm not uploading any of those of course- its embarassing.

Just ended up sitting in costas daydreaming about how I wanted to make my own 'Dizzy' videogame.

I still remember getting my dad to buy this for me on my Atari ST from Whsmiths in Staines. What I liked so much about videogames is the often absurd logic behind them and that the concept behind a lot of videogames could be about anything. Such as the main character being an egg- or uprooting a vegetable from the ground only to discover its a rocket that takes you to some distant castle in the sky.
Or just playing as a monkey who avoids landing into the lava pits below by jumping on top of crocodile heads who don't seem particularily bothered by lava at all.
Theres something a little bit more quirky and charming about the british made videogames (two of which are pictured above.) which seems to have been lost in todays games- at least for me. With that in mind, I just made a bunch of doodles for what I wanted to be in my game.

I've also found a pack of blank envelopes I found while clearing out my cupboard. Seems like a nice idea to draw on one and send it to someone.
also, I've been meaning to find a reason to post this. I recieved some great cards  for my birthday last month and some nice congratulation cards for my First award from finishing University- but I think this is the nicest one I've been given so far. Its all hand made from a friend of mine in indonesia- Its hard to throw away a nice hand made card like this (which is why I think I'll keep it.
Thank you!

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