Sunday, 7 August 2011

Mini Projects

Have been feeling a frustrating mood of wanting to draw, but not really feeling like doing so lately. When I'm not whinging about it to my parents though (sorry), I have managed to keep going with my mini-projects which are almost done.
I've almost drawn on every paper napkin I've stolen from the Art House cafe in Southampton. It makes quite an impact if you bunch all the drawings together but heres the few I've been trying to work on lately.
Second mini project- Finish 50 small drawings like this. So far I'm up to 41. Thought I'd try another pose of the dancing boy character, only try adding colour to it this time.

I also drew something for my dads birthday.

And after drawing on napkins, I finally wondered if I could draw on  a canvas. Bought some really small canvas (smaller than a6 size) to see if I could perhaps give it a try. Not sure what to think of this just yet though- this is actually my second canvas attempt which turned out a little better than the first.

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