Monday, 21 May 2012

The North

Thought I'd put up some drawings and photos from my time up North, I spent a few days with my friend Daniel who I haven't really seen since graduation last year so it was nice to see him again.

Me and Daniel did speak a little bit about doing a project together. Something involving a viking. In my own version of the story I wanted a little viking boy to go on a hunt for a werewolf. I haven't quite figured it out yet in my head.

I also took a few photos of some the places I went to. I really liked going to Whitby.

And I managed to finish some of my own projects, my rejected octopus from the Southampton museum.

And just some drawings I made whenever I managed to sit down and think.

I think Daniel seemed to know quite a bit about the local history- one that stood out in particular was the hanging of a monkey who was believed to be a french spy. So I made a quick Monkey spy on the train home from Newcastle.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

New doodles

Going down to Cambridge tomorrow to support a friend in his MA interview (hes applying for the same course as me.) and after that, I'll be travelling up north! I was going to bring my sketchpad with me, hopefully I'll be able to spend the next few days enjoying the sights and doing some drawing...

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Moustache Octopus

I've been working on a couple of Illustration projects these past few weeks which helps keep my mind busy-its probably best I didn't really show them on my blog for now so I thought I'd take a few photos from little square sketchpad.

One of the drawings from my book I haven't really scanned yet. Been trying to think of some British red coat soldiers to draw.

Just an abandoned concept from a bunch of ideas I pitched to the Sea City Museum. Below is the rough and this one is the more finished concept. I'm sure I'll finish this little drawing eventually.