Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Dizzy and the Hungry Monster King

Things feel a little bit difficult lately but my christmas cards have been quite successful. (I've at least sold 200) and drawing at least a few times a day does seem to keep me going- I still have plenty of things I can work on at least like the Hohum drawings, my book project and I have a couple of other things to work on.

Not many people remember Dizzy but I mentioned it recently on my blog a while ago, I did start to recall again how I used to draw my own maps and monsters for my own Dizzy world.

I found Dizzy quite scary when I was younger- it was a very cute and cartoony world but also lethal- you could very easily die in some really frightening ways-my favourite being how you had to time your run across a certain section of the map before a hawk swoops down and instantly kills you. With that in mind, I just thought it might be fun to try imagining what a new Dizzy game would look like if I made it. (probably not my best drawing, but I had fun making it at least.)

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  1. Hi Ryan, only just discovered your site.

    I'm a moderator for Yolkfolk.com, The Dizzy Fansite, runned by Andrew Joseph.

    Are you by any chance the same chap who made a mini-comic called "The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy" in the past?

    If so, we have the comic and some of your old Dizzy artwork treasured on our site.


    Hope to hear from you soon -- Adz.M