Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Blue Hippo

Haven't updated my blog for a bit but I've still managed to keep doing a drawing a day. I've also tried applying to an art club in Leatherhead- I'm actually really interested to see what sort of things would go on there- it would be great to have somewhere to go to just work on my own stuff or maybe get involved in a few different projects. That is- if I get accepted into the club.

Anyway, for now, I'm still working on my storybook idea. I just wondered if I could re-draw the same character in different poses again (I suppose I should probably try facial expressions too at some point.)
Just tried revisiting some of the more popular character designs I made. The popular ones always seem to be the ones I least except- for this one, I just drew it and figured it to look a little bit like a Moomin knock-off. (but perhaps its better to be critical.)

And I just drew out a couple of the poses I wanted it to look like one afternoon in  Costa- all drawn on napkins- Just tried giving it a title on a small scrap tissue. 

My parents tried pitching me ideas- like where the character could go and what he would be taking photos of and I rather liked the idea of taking photographs underwater so I made another doodle- perhaps I'll finish it soon.  

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