Monday, 24 September 2012

Haunted Books

I am still settling into Cambridge. This Thursday, I will be giving a class presentation about myself and my illustrations- I don't feel too nervous about it since everyone seems to be nice and friendly in class which makes things feel a little easier. I have also written a couple of notes about what I want to talk about. I still feel that Cambridge is very promising for my career...

I wanted to keep trying to update my blog, mostly for my family back home(and the small following I have gained from my website.) I am also hoping that my site will be updated again very soon thanks to a few new contacts I have made.

But last week I did find a bookshop I could visit in Cambridge:

I wanted to buy the Ant and Bee books- its a series I remember a long time ago. Unfortunately, I only decided to buy since they are quite expensive (the cheapest being £10)
Just charming little illustrations in my opinion. I guess they have mostly been forgotten these days and have been out of print for a long time. Even the reprinted editions from the 70's are expensive to buy.

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