Monday, 10 December 2012

The Bear

Our sequential narrative project is almost over and sadly, it will soon be time for essays (due on the 3rd of Jan!) I've found this project to be a pretty big morale boost- everyone seems to enjoy my story and feel its something that you could easily see as a book. My tutors also suggested I try and make a complete dummy book with at least four pieces of finished artwork so I can submit it for the Macmillan's book prize next year- how exciting! I certainly feel I've learnt a lot more about narrative and picture books compared to some of my previous book attempts- this one feels a lot more promising!

Though storyboarding the sequence and drawing the character has been fun, making the actual artwork has been a little more difficult- I've been trying to change the way I draw every so slightly. Drawing in pencils and using colour markers is definitely a lot more time efficient than using fine liners and black pens- I wonder if its the right way to progress.

For today, I'll show off  two rough images I made of my main character, the second image was made in the letter press (Ania, a Canadian girl in my class helped me make it)

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