Saturday, 5 October 2013

Stuff I've been doing this week:

I managed to show my comicbook ideas to Martin and Marta this week and they believed my drawings have now reached a point where there now just 'so good' They are no longer stiff or held back by thick black lines,  and instead, look pretty exciting, animated and humourous. A huge Morale boost!  My ideas may appeal to 10 to fourteen year olds who like exciting action comics.

For now, I've spent a bit of time practicing colours again and have started re-using markers again and mixed them together with my colouring pencils I got during the summer. I think it looks pretty promising:

I already have a comic idea but I also started to wonder what other sort of ideas I could make, perhaps based off some of the cartoons I grew up watching (like Bucky 'O Hare, Ninja Turtles and Samurai Pizza Cats.) Perhaps I can come up with my own sort of super hero type thing, Hopefully I'll work on it some more next week.

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