Tuesday, 14 June 2011


My blog started as a small part of my final major project but even though my studies are now over (except the actual graduation part which isn't until sometime in November) I'd  still really like to keep my blog going. Right now my gallery is still open to the public in the bargate shopping Centre in Southampton (the show closes this Thursday night):

Version 1 of my Window Display.
I was lucky enough to get a window display. The characters dotted around it did eventually fall off and I just had to end up placing most of it on the floor. (still didn't look too bad.)

Drawings I made in cafes on paper napkins pinned to a washing line. What amazes me is people really want to buy these- maybe I ought to stop giving them away...
The Opening Night was a success, my work seemed to create quite a bit of interest, most of the general public I was approached by felt my work would make some great childrens books.
Speaking of Childrens books, I've got a small commision to work on a childrens book known as Hohum the Hohum. Its a lot easier to draw for a story when its fun to read. I've got at least four drawings for it so far and thankfully its kept me busy doing something creative.

I've also had time to work on some personal projects such as this- I'd like to use this as my invite card to the London Gallery show we have next month.
And also a monkey with a guitar.

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