Friday, 13 May 2011

Character Displays

I finally made some larger prints of my characters! Since my space in the bargate gallery is a window display, I think these will look pretty good.

I printed a large print of one of my small drawings and it seemed to turn out quite nicely. I'd really like to make some more more but I found the cutting process extremelly difficult- Jonny Hannah really had to go out of his way to help me on this one. Would be great if I get another soldier done, but perhaps I should spend a bit of time this weekend practicing with the crafter knife?

I've made a bit of progress on 'who will slay the beast.' Jonny felt I didn't really need to do anything else for the projet but I really wanted to go a step further with this book- I've started drawing a monster design I that will run along the back pages of the book and I made a start on a new title and back page for the book. Right now I'm fairly confident I can get it finished sometime next week- especially after seeing some of my work in frames and finally having at least one large cut-out character done- it made me feel a little happier about getting my stuff printed, I'll get some more prints made hopefully on Monday.

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