Friday, 13 May 2011

Concertina Results

I have finally printed my five concertina books, getting them cut out wasn’t quite as scary as I had thought!
Its great to finally see my work in book format, they seem to work quite well but the two books that seem the most popular of the five are ‘I can’t Sleep’ and ‘Who Will Slay the beast’
Who Will Slay The Beast is a collection of seven warriors with a double page spread of a beast. This book seems to work well because it is essentially telling a very basic storyline. This is the one book I want to take further- if I have enough time before the hand in date of the project, I want to add a much larger monster that scrolls along the back of the book and include front and back pages.
The Second most popular book, ‘I Can’t Sleep’ Is the various poses of the boy character with a front and back cover. This also seems to be telling a short story. I would like to take this idea further too but it seems unlikely given the amount of time I have left- I’ll just have to check how much progress I can make this weekend and in the studio next week.

For the rest of the day, I was waiting for my books to be printed, I decided to make a few more drawings:
I did start to wonder if perhaps I could make a concertina book from my image ‘Cowboys Vs Dinosaurs’  So I started to practice drawing some.
Derek suggested that I attempt to make more female characters so I began a rough sketch…

I would still like to include a few more warriors in my ‘Who will slay the beast concertina’

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