Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Book of Characters

I felt I should probably try and update my blog once a day this week since the blog itself will be due in quite soon.
I had a chat with Jonny Hannah today and I was quite pleased he seemed supportive of my book of characters plan. He also again reminded me that I still needed a overall theme- I was rather hoping I could go with the theme of 'lost characters seeking a story to live in.'

I really want to get started on printing my books, my tutors have thankfully agreed to help me and with any luck, I'll have some prints this week. For now though, I spent the day drawing (again.)

I have sketchbooks full of character designs this size. I want to try and put together a book of drawings this size. (jonny assured me this take no longer than a day.)

Though I do have plenty ofdrawings this size. I've done so many drawings for the final major project- there must surely be a way to include my favourites.

Still playing around with incoporating colour. I don't think I've quite mastered it yet but I've decided I will force myself to fill up my next pad full of colour drawings.

A merman, its still fun drawing fantasy stuff like this.

Another interesting suggestion was making a concertina book of characters. Since I've made a couple of poses for this particular character, I thought it might work quite well.

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