Friday, 6 May 2011

A Tiring Week

With the blog being assesed sometime next week I did want to try and include as many updates a I can, I've made a list of all the things I need to do, both project-wise and for gallery show. It might be best I wrote my conclusion for my blog this weekend and fill in all the requirements my tutor alexandria asked for- I would still like to keep working on my blog however, its been quite fun.

Despite being a tiring week I've only made what seems like a small bit of progress. Though not completely finished, my website is finall up and running and I'm rather liking it:

I've made some progress on my book idea- Jonny Hannah gave me a template which I will use to produce as many concertina books as I can- I want to organise them so that I may get a few printed off on Monday and tuesday. I would still like to pursue my idea of making a complete book of characters, looking for a story to live in (disappointly, Jonny didn't seem quite as enthuastic for this idea as Derek did.) Heres more character drawings I've made:

I spent most of this week working on some colour images. I made this vegetable style bunny monster.

I love drawing kings and knights- so I tried to make one in colour.

and one of my older drawings was finally finished this week.

With hardly any time left I also rather liked the idea of making my own comic strip out of a couple of my drawings I made- but I think it may be best to halt progress on this current idea of now. I really need to get my books printed and my gallery show organised. (and besides- the tutors felt I had so much work I didn't even need to start another big project.)
My very rough concept of a comicstrip- I wanted to make something that felt quite ornate like the original Nemo comicstrips. It doesn't quite show in this doodle though.

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