Tuesday, 10 May 2011


I managed to get some of my work printed out on larger scale today including the  page of my five concertina Books.
The Books haven't been cut or folded yet but they have turned out quite went- although I do want to change them slightly. For now though, I'm hoping Jonny Hannah can help with the cutting tommorow. Its Interesting to see all my tiny drawings printed onto one big piece of Paper- its like a sheet of wallpaper.

For the rest of the day I continued to make more drawings. Still want to really churn out as many drawings as I can for the FMP. There must surely be a way I could use them all.

A Wandering Samurai, I've wanted to draw one for quite a while. Heres my own version.

And a cow I made partly inspired by someones interest in Cows! It looks a little bit odd this one though.

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