Monday, 2 May 2011

The book of 'Screaming for a Narrative.'

I decided that this week I would like to make a little book, a collection of my character designs, I've got so many now that I do really feel this could be my final major project, or part of it if I have enough time to come up with something else. In any case, I wanted this little book to be about characters looking for a narrative and a storyworld to live in.

I've been picking up quite a few of these pads lately and trying to make as many small drawings as I can. This pad here is now finished- I have roughly 50 characters inside this book!

And I've already started on the next small book. Since the end of may isn't terribly far away I wanted to spend this extra long bank holiday weekend by making as many more character drawings as I can.

Still haven't given up on this particular design either, I've made a couple of new poses for him. Although now, the lastest poses just seem to look a bit better drawn than my older ones.

More Kings. Knights and kings are just fun to draw for me.

Not sure what this is. A lamp maybe? I came up with this one when I was sitting in Costas.

And this one feels strangely familiar to Sonic the hedgehog.

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