Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Mass Production

I've been trying a little to listen to my tutors advice and spend a little bit of this last week of the Easter break relaxing and perhaps get on with a few personel projects I've been meaning to start, With the help of my family back home I've finally managed to try again with my fridge magnets. I must confess that planning things out like this or getting my work put in frames is the difficult part for me- it really stresses me out.
roughly about 23 different designs have been printed onto magnetic paper. Perhaps these would be good to submitt to one of the fundraiser shows or even sell some at my gallery show.

Still going with my one drawing a day though. I really need to go back and count how many drawings I have now.
Hoping to get some feedback tommorow so I can work out which ones seem the most popular.

Seeing all these character ideas I have is interesting though. I have so many now- finished drawings like above, rough doodles and even the small drawings I have drawn on napkins in the art house seem quite popular. Perhaps I really ought to start considering these as my final major project.

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