Saturday, 2 April 2011

Character and Background

I've been a bit slow on updating lately, not that I've been running out of steam, I've been trying to build up a bit of a backlog of drawings to post and I also wanted to edit a few parts of my blog (to follow my tutor, Alexandras Guidelines.)

I'm still a tiny bit confused and worried about where my project is going, but maybe its better this way. I still just have a collection of drawings- Derek felt I should really be more concerned and start preparing on how I will present them. For now however, here is most of my recent work:

Most of my work seems to be accepted as 'interesting to look at' Even the rough stuff like this that I drew on napkins whenever I took a visit to the cafe. I honestly don't think theres anything particularily interesting about them but they are just fun to draw. 

Drew this one when I was in a fancy fish and chip resturant. 

I'm still going ahead with the 'Character & Background' Idea I mentioned in a previous update for now. I'll just post this finished one for now.
The Death Monster Machine, Entirely built by a mad, yet cool-headed jazz muscian who plans to reform a band entirely made of zombies.

Derek seemed to like the idea of including a small written blurb about what was going on in this scene- even if its just a brief sentence or just nonsense. I was actually hoping this background would be the home of the tin cowboy I drew and some of the other character designs I mentioned, but now I'm not so sure.

The Characters that want to live in this particular world:
From left to right, A jaded Jazz Muscian, A groupie female, A Fallen Angel and a cowboy made of tin.

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