Monday, 4 April 2011

More Characters

Working in the studio again today I did start to feel I should probably start to think of how to present my work. I used one of the leftover frames and printed out one of my images to a larger size- I think it turned out pretty well:

My work printed out in larger scale.
I also forgot to mention that we asked to put up pieces of our work on the wall as part of our identity last week, I just drew whatever came into my head first. This fish.
And heres the other work from the students, we had an entire wall like this from everyone in the group. I must confess I didn't really like this particular one day project, or at least the very competitive atmosphere in the studio that day.

I also still want to do my book though there doesn't really seem to be very much time left at all- I still just have drawings. Perhaps this is where the boring 'work' related parts of my project should begin, I just hope I can get everything organised in time. Here is what I made today:
A scan from my sketchbook. Jen Hainsworth on my course very kindly let me use her 'puffin postcard collection' postcards of decades old puffin book covers- old illustrations always seem to feel a little unique and strange to me.

The front cover of the postcard collection. Perhaps I can turn the doodles I made today into something useful sometime.

I like having some of my characters described as 'Kingly' Its a weird word which to me sounds very 'fantasy' With that in mind I'm actually enjoying drawing cheesy fantasy type stuff a lot.

I finally finished the 'door' to one of my older pictures that I mentioned in my previous update. Not sure if I'll use this concept but I would like to make some more mini-versions of my drawings (like doorways going into them) That is, if I have enough time.

I didn't think this was so interesting. Looks a bit too generic for me. One of my friends thought it looked a tiny bit like my tutor Jonny Hannah...
Background designs are sadly going rather slowly. I can churn out at least five or six characters a day but unfortunately, my background designs take a little longer- one image can take one or two days to complete. Perhaps I should simply concentrate on making as many characters and make them as the book (which was in fact, one of my main back-up ideas.)
I've got at least twenty or more backgrounds like this. I would like to finish them but six weeks doesn't feel like very long at all...In this particular image we see a little hill with a little house about to lift it up like raising your hat to wish somebody good morning.

Even more character designs. This one is some sort of bear in a dress. Made it for a friend of mine but I think I will still use it too. Mimoo Belle is the name of her little fashion website.

A very grumpy princess I felt like drawing.

A nasty old sea hag character, I've drawn a few ocean/water based backgrounds.

And Deep-Sea-Dive-Man, who has to fight the sea hag.
The cowboy returns but I wanted to try another little colour experiement. I photocopied the original image and coloured it in with my marker pens so that I would be able to use the marks on the back of the page as a background layer on photoshop. Not sure if it works or not but the textures look quite nice.

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