Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Only six Weeks...

Thought I would go ahead with the character/background and a brief synopis/blurb idea. I've no idea if I'll manage to finish them all but it is at least fun to do. 

I wanted to put all the images I have and add characters and scenerarios to them- Maybe even add dotted cut out lines around the characters. I've no idea if this will work or not but lately, I really seem to have my heart set on this idea.
Scenario: An officer is called out to a house, somewhere, far away in the middle of nowhere to investigate a crime

The officer

Midnight Thief, Once an ordinary boy asleep, in his dreams he became and villain who would steal the stars from the sky, The universes collection of precious gems.
The villain

Still very rough idea, but I realised that I really do have tons of drawings for this project which I really want to use- I have plenty of drawings I still haven't used from my doodles over last summer are essentially my final major project work. (as snobby as it sounds, I wanted to get a good head-start on this project.)
I still haven't forgotten about adding colour either.

Hopefully the finished image tommorow!

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  1. Hello Ryan, thanks for following my blog. Greets from Indonesia. Your art work is very outstanding! I love the style of your painting, and combine it with watercolor. Excellent!