Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Needs a Story

All this time working in the studio these past few months made me realise I've just still been drawing more character designs of my own and character designs- I still haven't really found this 'connection to tie them altgoether' That the tutors advised me to look into.

I'm still capable of making a drawing a day like this. I now have 50 small drawings this dedicated to the project.

Its still a good mindset to have for me, to have at least one drawing made per day.

I'm still playing around with getting my drawings in colour. Even though they do seem fairly popular, I'm not quite sure if I've cracked it just yet.
I also remembered again that Salvatore didn't feel I should force this 'connection' or proposed story into my drawings- as of right now I'm still having fun just simply making a character and background and I do plan on making at least nine more images before I decide to call my FMP finished.
I wanted to make a city, no real explanation, I just felt this particular city needed some cool sci-fi style pyramids.
As I may have mentioned in some of my previous updates, I did consider illustrating an already written work. I had a lot of fun working on Roy Moss's 'Owl Tree (one of the writing students here at Solent) because I had a lot of freedom to do what I wanted. There is another friends poem I found interesting too- an orange tree that wants to grow apples:

I actually love this idea. Its very early, but I'd love to draw this when I have the time- maybe I could even use this image as part of my fmp?  credit to the poem's author: Daniel Conant
But Then again I want this project to be about me. I'd really love to just keep making drawings and just put them all in a book and say its my fmp. Not long left to go on the project now though, I'm going to have to seriously start considering what I need to do.

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