Friday, 6 April 2012

The Book of Marie Vendawn

Here are some updates on one of my book projects:  Marie Vendawn.  I tried setting a goal to finish some sort of dummy book by the end of this year but I guess I'm still being critical of the ideas I have. I'm going for an MA interview next week at cambridge (the course will cover childrens book design.) so I'm interested to hear what sort of feedback some of my ideas will get.

I really wanted to make something that feels 'different' compared to the other books and comics out there and I came about the idea of making one seemingly long image- liike a long journey

Sorry for the poor scan, but its three photos taken on my iphone pasted together.

I'm hoping that all the images can connect to each other like this. I also wanted to include some slightly strange looking animals (in this case, llamas.)

I'm still thinking of what places Marie Vendawn can travel to,  I didn't want to show the journey as being  easy.

And here, Marie Vendawn reaches the end of the world.

I did wonder if maybe there could be some hitchhiking involved but I kinda wanted the journey to  feel a little  bit lonely- I might rethink this drawing, or just get rid of it.

The Marie Vendawn character. I wanted the character to feel cute, but also very rebellious. This drawing is 'cool, laid-back & Ginger' according to Jessica.

I'm still wondering how this will work as a book- perhaps it can just be a concertina (which is kinda what inspired this idea) or maybe it could just be cut up into segments on each page? the feedback next week should be interesting.

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