Monday, 31 January 2011

John Norris Wood Drawings

I've been a bit slow on updates, I wanted to show some of the characters I came up with while we were chatting with John Wood. I'm still trying to make as many characters as possible and include hopefully all of my ideas in my final major project.

John seemed to be interested in animals, speaking of crocodiles as though there were lovely old gents, but Crocodiles always seem to have a sly looking face to me.

Been meaning to draw a tiger/lion thing for a friend for a while, and I came up with this while talking to John I really like this drawing a lot but everyone seems to keep pointing out how big I drew the boobs! I just wanted to make a weird looking amazon warrior.

Still trying to come up with illustrations for the owl tree poem, my first real commision. I have considered making this commision as my final major project- but perhaps instead I'll try and come up with my own concept. For this particular drawing however, I'm not sure how this could fit in with the poem.

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