Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Owl Tree

Today I've spent some of the day thinking up some drawings for a poem 'The Owl Tree' written by one of the writing students at Solent. I thought it might also help inspire me come up with some more character designs of my own or maybe be a good practice run for illustrating my own stories.
So far I've only made this image, and I'm hoping to make at two or three more. I Wish I didn't draw so slowly.
Not sure what makes great writing but what I enjoyed about the Owl tree was the placement of some of the words, some of the sentences just feel like they would be fun to draw.
These are all very rough but normally I don't seem to keep very many of my doodles, (they end up being drawn over or lost.) but I'm trying to think up some more drawings and characters for the poem.

I liked the idea of a 'silhouette of doom' mentioned in the poem. So I thought maybe there could be some sort of monsterous shape appearing in one of the images and I tried coming up with ideas for the main character's adoptive parents (which he is found under a moon)

The King figure is inspired from the sentence 'Winter is on time' I kinda liked the idea of Winter (or some king of winter) looking at its watch.

Hard to explain this one but I wanted to include a storm and rain attacking the little cottage. Underneath it, the earth is playing on a angry Cello.

And I wanted to include little marching angels with drums...

And just a bunch of doodles I did. I'm still trying to come up with ideas.

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