Friday, 11 March 2011

Ate too much at dinner....

I felt like drawing some more space type characters- I have these two today:
I have still been trying to think of my a sequence idea and I'm not completely sure where to go with it still. I've still continued making backgrounds. I have quite a few ideas already which I want to use:
Theres white space at the bottom for the characters to be placed although I did feel perhaps I just make it a little larger next time so I give them a bit more space. Heres a quick test I made to give you a better understanding of the idea I have.

I also found out yesterday that my napkin drawings have been more popular than I thought. I normally doodle on a piece of scrap paper and ocassionally just leave them behind, but one of the workers in the art house cafe in Southampton has been collecting them.
Coloured these ones in this time. Its a bit disappointing that in some of the cafes I go to for tea or coffee sometimes seem a bit snooty whenever they see me sitting around drawing. (I suppose some people must feel uncomfortable that I might be drawing them.)

Another reminder that I really need to make my own website, this blog is currently all I have. I only wish that I didn't get so confused easily and wasn't so poorly organised (theres so much to do lately.)
Another interesting thing to remember is that these napkin drawings seem extremelly popular- best of all, they are easy and really quite relaxing to make them. Perhaps this could definetly go somewhere.

More good news today, somebody has brought one of my prints in the cafe! I was so suprised...

I'm printing off another to hopefully be sold!

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