Friday, 4 March 2011

A sequence

I've been a bit slow on my updates: My self-promotional Fridge Magnets turned out well and it seemed to be popular in class (although I kinda felt, they could have been better.)

Stuart Kolakovic

Today we had a guest lecturer Stuart Kolakovic visit our studio, I was fortunate enough for him to take the time to have a look at my work and he seemed to be geniulely impressed- like my tutors, he also pointed out that some of my work could really benefit from the use of colour- I really think this will be the next step in my drawings, I need to find a good way to make some colour images.

Stuart also reccomended that I shouldn't restrict my drawings just to making book designs-  Skateboards, t-shirts or just general product pacakages. I've never even considered anything like this before.
Back to project related stuff, I'm still trying to think of something sequence related.

I've noticed that these size drawings don't take long to make at all. Perhaps I can make at least three images, with a detailed background and an empty blank space at the bottom including a little character (thus, giving some of my characters a place- or a home.) I can make my story ideas into three brief panels and make this as my storybook?

Also, I made this wabbit. (inspired a little by my friend Clari's design.)
Claris Wabbit.

My Wabbit.

Forgot to mention, two pieces of work (along with a few other students.) is being displayed in the little cafe by our lecture halls.

 No idea if it will sell or not.

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