Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Been working on trying to finish my images this week which are still underway so I'll just post what I do have:

Fridge Magent roughs:

I still wanted to pursue my fridge magnet idea and so far I have this:

I'm drawing out several swappable character body parts. So far I have about eight designs, truth be told I'm reusing several of my older ideas, and the 'happy bin' head which was used in our self promotional project.

Colouring in:

Still finding it a bit frustrating to colour in my work.

I've been trying to make a few space characters - I'm not sure if these are working right however. Photoshop feels too 'photoshopy' unless your become so good at it like a friend of mine in particular can make his photoshop work look like woodblock prints.

 Looking back on how my work has progressed gradually during my time at Solent does make me feel that eventually I'll be able to figure this out. I gave up for now and just carried on drawing some more space characters.

Using some sharpie pens and 0.5 pens has forced me to draw a little bit quicker, but unfortunately, I ended up spending two days working on this small image
I do want to make a sequence out of this (and I have another two images for two ideas already in the works.) But perhaps I need to force myself into that mentality of drawing quicker.

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