Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Idea change?

I was working on more different ideas in the studio today I realised that I was having more fun coming up with the general idea and trying to draw it.

I'm starting to wonder if I'm forcing myself into a corner trying to come up with this book idea. I don't want to spend the next 12 weeks working on something which I hate.
I had a quick chat with Jonny Hannah today and he suggested making a world for the ideas and dozens of chracters I've created so far, Like an enormous theme park for example like Jurassic Park or West World. I seem to have already made my own combination of the two in some way.
A poster of the sci-film 'west world' I wondered if perhaps it somehow inspired this drawing...

one of my older images I made for the project during the summer break.

I was also quite excited by Jonnys feedback today too, he felt I had enough work to be included in the degree show- he even told me would glady buy any book that included one of my drawings which was another great confidence boost.

I'm not entirely sure where this concept could go yet but I made a quick doodle of a city where my ideas could live. Imagine some of the buildings for example to be cut away and reveal a room of the occupants-Perhaps something even as wild as a viking ship inside one of the buildings:

I must admitt that I've been wanting to draw a surreal cityscape for quite a while now (It was part of my one of my storyideas.) Even more so when I saw my housemates (Alex Usher) poster that he bought in Paris and decorated in his drawings- it feels like I'm shamefully stealing his idea.

A cutaway inside one of the buildings

And these absurd looking giant figures in the distance going about their dailey business- I love it. Haven't quite decided if I want to stick with this city idea just yet though.

More inspiring bits and pieces, I found this very ancient colouring book, I Love some of the images in here:

 This page reminds me again of Salavtore advising that I should perhaps take a break and just simply draw objects. Its rather tempting actually- I ended up buying another cheap A6 pad for such an ocassion.

And I'll end my update today by including more poses from my character design for the young boy who steals stars from the night sky. I still want to make a little sequence for him- perhaps even even try making a small animation.

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