Monday, 28 February 2011

Self Promote this

I managed to make some prototype fridge magnets for our self promotion project. I wanted to decorate the envelope a little better but I managed to mail this off to Peter today.

I didn't scan any of my character drawings today but progress is still going quite well. I've also discovered that I can make several 'quick' images by only using sharpie pens and thicker 0.5 pens- It forces me to draw a little less delicately and a lot more quickly.

This drawing for example was inspired by this superb facebook photo I saw. (a special thanks to the excellent Justine Tucker.)

I can come up with random ideas like this by looking at seemingly random objects...I doodled some of these figures when I looked at one of my friends photographs (which were purposefully blurry due to being taken by a pinhole camera)

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