Monday, 7 February 2011

Colouring in

Another possible idea (which I got through one of my fellow classmates) was to make a black and white colouring book, except make the designs more simplified, I filled up one of my old notepads with a bunch of doodles:

All of these drawings are quick doodles- I very rarely seem to keep my doodles as I often draw over them with ink or change them a little. I should really learn to hang onto the roughs a little more.

The above doodles were all inspired by this book I had a quick flick through at Waterstones.
I really need to go and buy a copy of this when I have a little more money. My book idea for my final project still feels a little lost and confused however. I've come up with many story ideas (which I all enjoy) and have a lot of different drawings, but perhaps this is what could be part of my book, short stories, characters, perhaps even pages to colour in- I would like to make this project at least, as fun as I possibly can afterall, but it does feel like a lot of work to do in a short space of time.

Also, sorry for the poor photo, but its quite late here right now. Check out this amazing Mini-Ryan, made by the lovely miss Tucker~

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