Friday, 11 February 2011

More Doodles

Mark Pawson

We had a lecture today with Mark Pawson. Unfortunately, I didn't find very much of it very interesting, asides from Mark having a great love of collecting various knick knacks, like myself I love buying little Gashapon toy figures for stuff like Zelda or One Piece. Mark also sold a few items at the end of his talk and I ended up buying two of his books.
I was a little disappointed that Noggins plus had nothing to do with the original oliver postgate cartoon, but I found some of the various pictures inside fascinating to look at and I was quite convinced that I'd regret buying it much later if I didn't. I couldn't help but start doodling all over the thing (as you can already see.) Who doesn't love drawing something viking influenced?

Story Book Character Ideas
After the lecture this morning I sat down again and wondered what sort of characters I could have in my story.
I must admitt, todays drawings don't feel quite as good today. Theres a bit too familiar about these ones- as great as it is to be compared to a famous illustrator, it only seems to make me try harder to make my drawings feel a little more 'odd'

Looks a bit like Piglet from Winnie The Pooh for example.
And going back to my idea again of the 'boy and the stars' I wondered if the character could on a long journey somewhere- slowly transforming from a boy in pjyamas to a pjyama wearing villain.
I showed this idea to one of my classmates and it seemed to remind him of a classic childrens story of which I've never heard of before, The three robbers by famed illustrator: Tomi Ungerer.
I also included a link to the short animated film on my blog, a faithful adaptation of the original book.

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