Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Singing Ringing

Colouring Book: 
A friend of mine generously bought me a copy of the usbourne colouring and doodling book I mentioned in one of my older updates ( greatly appreciated!). It was just fun to flick through the different pages- mostly black and white images with small parts of it coloured in.

 I did have a go at making something similiar- using just an old sharpie pen I found, I made this image:

Just used sharpie pens and thicker 0.5 pens, I made this a lot quicker than some of my other drawings- perhaps not the best thing I've ever drawn but I managed to only take about two hours to make it.

Noggin Kitty
When I'm running low on paper and I'm sitting in a cafe I normally  start doodling on a napkin-providing I'm carrying a pen with me. Normally I just threw them away or left them there until my tutors told me that stuff like this was good enough to sell!

good enough to sell? I don't see it.

Inspired by seeing one of friends obssesion with Hello Kitty, my love of Asterix the Gaul and my Mark Pawson 'Noggins' Book which I've already mentioned, I've been trying to come up with Noggin Kitty. I made these three in less than half an hour and coloured two of them in copic markers- I don't have that many colours unfortunately since they are quite expensive.

They are fun to draw. Perhaps whenever I go for one of daily tea breaks I'll take a pen with me and make some more.

Fig Taylor 

I've been meaning to mention my talk with Fig Taylor, it was really quite exciting as she seemed to geniuely love my work- she even felt I could be famous! (Although I'm not quite convinced of that just yet.) She also reccomended an interesting dvd to me- the Singing Ringing Tree.

Its a Three part german tv show from the mid 60's, Its quite slow paced so I need to be in the right mood to watch it, but its been quite fun to draw from it. Theres something that just feels a little bit weird about it all- it kinda reminds me of watching my favourite tv show when I was younger 'Knightmare'

I made these drawings from it so far-

So far, I've only been able to make this drawing from these doodles:

A friend of mine bought me a pad of 3D paper- it really works! I tried making some doodles of some my ideas and  they seem to lift off the paper, its a really strange effect. (I made a space gardener and a train man.)

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