Saturday, 12 February 2011

A drawing a day

I'm still trying to make at least one drawing a day, I'm actually losing count as to how many I seem to have. Heres the drawings I made today:

I felt this should really offically be a part of my Final Major project, I want to make as many designs as I possibly can before the end of May, my tutors even suggested making bigger prints of them. And flicking through some of my older sketchpads, I already have dozens I haven't even used yet.

This feels like a 'fail-safe' option for my project. Carry on making some bigger images while at the same time making small based drawings like these. Perhaps They can all be part of a small book, a collection of different people/creatures.

Errol Le Cain
I've also been reccomended a particular artist a couple of times, Erol le Cain:

Erol Le Cain was quite a well known english illustrator, yet I've never heard of him until I started attending university, despite having quite a lot of success during the eighites, he seems to have become a bit more obscure. Its becoming quite difficult to find some of the books he worked on but I've managed to pick up at least three so far (I recieved my hardback copy of The Twelve Dancing Princess's in the post today.)

Some of my friends feel theres quite a few similarities between his work and mine (though I certainly don't feel my stuff is quite up to scratch as his.) please check out this erol le cain website (where I took the two images above from.)

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