Thursday, 17 February 2011

Owl Tree Updates

Wanted to finish off my owl tree images... wish I didn't take so long to draw- its made me start to realise that I still have an important deadline for my Final Major Project. The Character book seems more and more likely. Still, included in this update today is my Owl Tree.
I wanted to design some soldiers for the story, The poem felt a little medievil and I wanted to make the soldiers look a little like toy soldiers or a nut crackers.

Theres no monster in the poem but I liked the words 'a siliouette of doom'

Roy, who gave me the commision on his poem liked one of my older images I made, so I wanted to make another image which felt just as intense. This was the image Roy saw:
This an image I made during the end of the first year, An Intense image like this can take up to at least a week to make. I wanted to make at least two images like this for the owl tree.

I liked making anagrams of some of the words from Roys Poem, a Cello of the earth, Winter being on its way, Angels marching, and the soldiers and the owl somewhere on the horrizon. Hope you like it Roy!

The Deadline has been brought forward a little but I do have a few more images that are still unfinished. 

Was thinking of making another image of a strawberry field farmer, not sure if I have enough time right now.

Two Pens gave their lives for these drawings.~
0.1 and 0.3 bought from Whsmith. They will be missed.~

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