Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Monster that sleeps under the stars

With so many ideas floating around in my head, I decided to sit down and force myself to think of a solid idea as to what I want my final major project to be.

I've come up with many different ideas already and discovered this is actually the most fun part for me. I did even start to consider using my short creative writing project and began drawing up a few ideas I had.
My Cover for my short written story 'Bad Moondays'
The story is about an astronmer (often mistake for a wizard.) who discovered the sky is wallpaper and started to peel it away ending up trapped and lost in a place that exsists behind the universe.

Theres probably wilder ideas out there but I do enjoy making up something very silly and absurd in a story, something that may be a little bit dark, but at the same time, not take itself too seriously.

This is a castle, where the ruler (of this particular world) is a giant smelly egg guarded by a thousands noses.

The Astronmer is a very jealous and spiteful person. He loves to spy on everyone on the world through a telescope. I thought about making more circular images like this one showing various parts of the world.

The storyline itself probably needs a little reworking in places.

Another story idea I came up with. A boy who pulls the stars down from the night sky. Hard to tell from these small doodles!

A very early drawing concept of what I wanted the 'boy and the stars' to look like.
I did start to wonder if Perhaps I could make a small book of these seemingly random ideas. I already have quite a lot, but at the same time, it feels like a lot of work to finish within a short space of time.

Need to think up a decent character. I started looking up this character, Nemo, who simply wears pjamas in every comic strip hes in. Very simplistic character design but it works really well. For now though, I drew this cat instead.

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