Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Kazuyuki Kurashima

Kazuyuki Kurashima

I thought I should include more artists that have inspired me, but I found it difficult to think back on what art has really inspired me, most of my inspirations came from growing up on videogames- I must confess that when I was much younger I was determined to make my own videogames- working in the industry for a few years did crush that dream a little however.

One of my favourite illustrators in the game industry is probably Kazuyuki Kurashima. A japanese character and monster illustrator for various videogames, some of which were games I grew up playing. Though I don't think hes quite as well known as many other illustrators I simply started buying some of the videogames hes worked on just because I love the stuff he comes up with.

He made some pretty oddball character designs for one of the Super Mario games:

Two offical character renders for the nintendo game 'Super Mario RPG'

For some reason, whenever i see his drawings I'm reminded of the orginal drawings from the french storybook 'Little Prince'

One of the original illustrations by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. No Idea if this inspires Kazuyuki but it certainly inspires me, I was also told that some of his drawings remind peoeple of my own works.
 There isn't that much availible information availible on Kazuyuki but I from what I can understand, he works as a freelance illustrator in Japan and made a few designs for various small time bands.
He also designed all of the character designs in a videogame 'MOON RPG' for the Playstation console, which wasn't released outside of Japan, the game has sorta became a bit of a fascination for me, since I can't understand any of the story or text but love the illustrations and art style for the game.

Screenshot from Moon RPG. I'm still an avid fan of videogames, or at least the stranger and more surreal titles.

I tried to get in contact with Kazuyuki on his facebook account and I drew this for him:

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  1. I love the 3-D renders of the Mario RPG characters. They remind me of Puppetoons.