Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Could Conquer the Universe

Still drawings images for my own storybook idea, 'The boy and the stars'. Perhaps its not the best approach to take- I know lots of artists go through dozens of redesigns for their characters but normally, I seem to have a clear indication of what I want from the start.
If I do make this storybook, then I'm going to be redrawing the same character over and over again- I wanted something as simple as possible. (though I really like this guys hair)

Same character again, but different outfit.
Since the boy is meant to transform into a thief and villain character, I was trying to figure out what he should look like.

A classic cops and robbers style badguy with a valuable painting hes just stolen.

More doodles. I like the idea of a sequence of the character tossing and turning in bed, trying to sleep. Or reaching out his window at night. Not quite sure what the other doodle is- but perhaps it will turn into something more. Normally its the most fun to draw when your not quite sure what it could be!  In the very least, I do have more character designs for my character book.

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