Wednesday, 23 February 2011

More Storybook ideas-

I've still been thinking about making a storybook. Only problem is I don't seem to have any storyboards- just more drawings.
I love drawing buildings like this ever since my trip to Prague and my recent re-reading of the original Moomin Comicbooks.

Wonder what sort of surreal situations the character could be. A little boy trying to grab all the stars from the night sky.

Or if he perhaps meets any interesting characters along the way. (think this one looks a bit too 'cutesy')

I've decided that this is what i wanted the main character to look like. (Until I remembered the story was set at night- in all the other drawings I made of him I closed his eyes.)

I've tried to keep the main character design as simple as possible. A kid in Pjs, a sort of homage to Little Nemo in Slumberland by Winsor McCay.
I started to think about a sequence of the main character, of him tossing and turning in bed, or like dancing in his bed.
And I still want to think of how I want to colour it in too. Theres so much work to do lately- but I've still successfully stuck to my drawing a day. Heres another one.

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