Friday, 18 March 2011

Feeling Lost.

I wondered if I had hit a bit of a rut with my drawings and project lately- I still don't feel theres any real concrete idea- I still just enjoy being in the studio so I can draw. This week, I did try playing around with some colour images.

Generic fantasy style character, I thought up this when I was watching my housemates play Dungeons & Dragons. I'm still not sure if colouring my stuff in is working or not, Maybe I'm just too used to using my black and white pens.

as always, Derek is fascinated by the marks on the back of the paper.

I still start with the outline of the shape, but colour everything in first-

A background idea I had which turned into this:
I'm still not sure if its working, but for some reason, these colour images remind me all of that same retro feeling you get when you flick through the original mr men books or some of the Asterix animated films- no idea why I get this comparision in my head. This particular film helped inspire me to draw these following napkin Drawings.

The Noggin Kitty Collection.

More colour experiements, still liked the idea of a snow globe sort of image

Still no idea if colouring stuff in is working for me or not, and I did start to despair a little today that I don't have any real direction for my project- it really just feels like a bunch of drawings. Not to be cocky but it does feel a little reasuring that my tutors feel I have produced enough work for my degree show, but it still doesn't feel like I've really worked out what my project should at all.

Talking to Graham Rawle today and the idea of illustrating an already written work. For some reason, I'm a little drawn towards stuff like arabian nights and ended up drawing this guy. Graham even seemed to feel I could very easily churn out a whole bunch of drawings for the book ( rough sketches of course!) just over the weekend... kinda tempted to sit in the libary for a bit and see what I can come up with. Or....

Perhaps I should stick with my idea of the boy who stole the stars. In perhaps pick another one of my ideas if that isn't working. In any case, I drew a sheep for it, I figured since the main character was trying to sleep, sheep should surely be involved somehow. (counting Sheep before you go to bed.)

Feeling ever so slightly lost at the moment. Wish I could just make this project about 'making images' Adding the connection such as a colouring book, illustrating a story etc just feels like the actual 'work' part.

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  1. I love your experiments with colour, especially watercolour. Very magic, very airy and light!